CORE completed a major entertainment complex in Oakville, Ontario for Cineplex Entertainment. The 60,000 sq.ft. project consisted of new construction of twelve theatres, (nine standard and three VIP); as well as concession areas, games room, party room, a bowling alley, and lounge. The theatres, ranging between 1,500 and 4,000 sq.ft. are designed to provide optimum sight lines in a stadium seating configuration and comfortably seats from 119 to 371 people.

For Silver City Oakville CORE provided Architect-of-Record services preparing Contract Documents and providing Contract Administration services during construction.

CORE is the Architect-of-Record for Cineplex Entertainment LLP in Canada since 2004 and in a relatively short time we have worked on twenty-five locations nationwide. These projects range from renovations to retrofits of existing buildings to the design of new buildings. Theatres range in size from 1,500 sq. ft. to 3,500 sq. ft. and each comfortably seat between 100 to 400 people using stadium seating configurations. CORE has planned several new theatres ranging from buildings housing Six-Plex to Twelve-Plex theatres as well as mixed-use spaces that feature theatres, and entertainment areas like games rooms, party rooms and in the most recent project, bowling alleys. 

Typically we are brought on to the project to execute Cineplex’s standard design package and to ensure that the project achieves a successful completion.

We have completed 22 projects for Cineplex across Canada.