Core Architects' Retail Studio is dedicated solely to the design and implementation of retail rollout programs. We work with our clients to articulate brand identity and to create a shopping experience for the consumer.Typically we are brought onto a project to execute the client's standard design package and to ensure that the project meets a successful completion. We work to ensure that all details are in place to protect the integrity of the brand.We provide site services and perform contract administration, working with the local authorities and building landlords and in conjunction with the engineers that we contract on the client's behalf.

Client: SONY CanadaRole: Architect of RecordNo. of Stores: 1 Locations: National - ON

CORE is the Canadian Architect of Record for SONY's global rebranding. Working with SONY Canada, SONY International and the international designer, CORE is producing construction documentation to express the new branded environment within the Canadian context. CORE is also exploring alternative materials and suppliers to provide SONY with the aesthetic and quality expected in the new store presentation.



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