in 2008 when Porsche Cars Canada moved away from the umbrella of Porsche Cars North America, Porsche Germany together with Porsche Canada engaged a regional Canadian Architect to implement the European Porsche brand across the country for new and renovated Porsche dealerships.

The role of CORE as the regional architect is to provide the site specific design of the dealership based on the Porsche brand. The Design Intent Documents (DID) include site plan, plans, elevations and sections as well as a material specification book to be utilized by the dealer when preparing the construction documentation.

Throughout the process, CORE ensures the design of the dealership does not deviate from the DID documents. CORE also engages in a dialogue with the Architect of record during the Production of construction documents to ensure brand architecture is strictly adhered to.

Initial design proposal and development of design with PCL, maintain brand control/identity, provide updates and revisions to the design based on discussions with PCL and dealer commentsm, upon approval from Porsche Canada and Porsche Germany of initial design proposal production of ‘DID’ (Design Intent Document).

We have completed 20 projects for Porsche across Canada.