Located on Toronto’s picturesque Ward’s Island, the design for a modest 1,500 sq.ft., new residence challenges the traditional image of a simple, wooden cottage on the waterfront. Instead of appearing as one single volume, the house presents itself as a well-balanced series of discrete and recognizable elements. 

Cantilevered decks appear as strong horizontal lines extending into the land, and at the same time, recall the strong line of the horizon itself. A vertical, weathered steel element contrasts with these decks, and firmly anchors the house to the island.

CORE’s design for this home was guided by the constraints of the awkward pie shaped site that was further complicated by the presence of a large tree in the centre of the lot, which was to be preserved during construction.  By designing an L-shaped structure the house wraps around the tree which helps to connect the house to its natural environment.

2004 National Post/Design Exchange Award
Honourable Mention