Deni Poletti - Principal


Deni Poletti studied architecture at the University of Toronto and received a Bachelor of Architecture degree in 1986. As a founding partner of CORE, Deni’s commitment to excellence has played a leading role in establishing the office’s high standards of architectural design and on-time, cost-effective project delivery.

His extensive experience with urban issues and development has been sought after in both the public and private sectors in Canada and the U.S. He has been instrumental in expanding the office’s portfolio both nationally and internationally.

Deni has been an invited participant in competitions for such projects as Public Squares sponsored by the City of St. Louis and Porsche for the design of a U.S. East Coast Regional Headquarters in Atlanta.

He has been a speaker at the American Planning Association conference in Chicago, Urban Planning Conference in Washington, D.C., and other Ontario Association of Architects (OAA) and American Institute of Architects (AIA) chapter conferences.

Deni’s extensive portfolio includes mid and high-rise residential complexes, retail, hospitality, entertainment, fitness centres, and single-family residential projects.

His Italian heritage has blessed him with an appreciation of fine food and wine. An avid sports enthusiast, he is both a participant and a dedicated fan, particularly of golf, tennis, and soccer. He has travelled extensively with memorable trips to Tokyo and Istanbul bringing a very international flavour to his architectural design.