October 16, 2014

The Residences of 488 University Avenue

CORE Architect’s design for this intensification project includes major enhancements to the existing 18-storey office building by incorporating a striking new facade, exterior skin, and a distinctive, sophisticated three-storey podium. The project includes the addition of 37 storeys of residential condominiums and shared amenity space above the existing office structure for a total of 55 storeys. Approximately 453 residential units are proposed within a mix of one-bedroom to three-bedroom family units. Two full floors will be dedicated to shared amenity space.

The ideal location will be utilized through the introduction of the new residential tower as well as the integration of a direct TTC connection to the St. Patrick subway station. The front side of the building will feature a new three-storey podium extending onto University Avenue that will not only expand the size of the lobby but also encompass an elevator that will lead to the St. Partick subway station. The ground floor of the three-storey podium will continue to accommodate retail and service commercial uses accessible from University Avenue. While the back of the building, residing on Simcoe Street, will feature an entrance to the tower’s condominiums.

The total area of office space within the existing building is proposed to be retained as part of the development intensification project. The recessed footprint of the existing building enabled the structural engineers to introduce new vertical structural steel columns all along the exterior face of the building on all four exposures that go vertically down to sound rock. These new vertical structure columns surrounding the existing building will support the new residential floors independently of the existing building structure.

There are also new horizontal perimeter steel beams along the face of the existing building exterior and cross bracing to attract the lateral load from the additional residential floors. Long span transfer beams will be utilized on the 20th floor. These transfer beams will distribute the load of the new tower directly to the new vertical steel structure that surrounds the existing building. The new vertical structure will go down to the foundation rock without stressing any of the existing structure

Overall, the mixed-use project will possess a total gross floor area of approximately 65,021 m² comprising of 26,306 m² of the existing retained commercial building and 38,714 m² of new residential area.

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