April 29, 2021

Principal Babak Eslahjou Finalist in Architizer One Photo Challenge


Babak Eslahjou, principal at CORE Architects, has been named a finalist in this year’s Architizer One Photo Challenge 2021.

The One Photo Challenge celebrates architectural photography that captures the essence of a place and communicates a larger story about the meaning of home, city, or country. Babak Eslahjou was selected for his photograph titled ‘Mumbai From Above’. 

“‘Mumbai from Above’ is a vivid depiction of the resilience and spontaneity of people. Countless acts of individual accommodation have transformed the seeming monotony of prescribed urban forms into a dense visual quilt of human activity. This image reminds us that the architecture of the city cannot simply be prescribed by specialists. Instead, the city arises out of the needs and sensuality of its inhabitant.”