April 29, 2013

Canstruction 2013

CORE Architects will be participating in this year’s Canstruction 2013. The non-profit competition helps decrease hunger and fight poverty in Toronto and cities around the world. Each year, teams of designers, architects, and engineers donate their time to build massive, incredible structures from cans of food. The donations will go to the Daily Bread Food Bank, Toronto’s largest community food bank. In Toronto, more than 800,000 client visits happen each year, approximately 32 percent of them are children. Since 1992, Canstruction has contributed more than 17.5 million pounds of food to food programs around the world, demonstrating that we can win the fight against hunger.

CORE’s entry into the Canstruction 2013 event is “Can The Penny,” inspired by Hamilton’s Gore fountain. The design incorporates approximately 2000 cans of Tuna, weighing a total of 750 pounds. It will utilize laser-cut templates and metal rods to assist in the construction process. LED lights and simulated water will be the responsibility of our special effects group, bringing the fountain to life. With a team of over ten individuals participating in the construction process, we will have a mere seven hours to place each of the 2000 cans into the proposed design. Canstruction 2013 takes place on June 3rd. The designs will be on public display until the 9th of June at the TD Centre at Bay and King street. We encourage all of you to visit and donate your pennies to further help the fight against hunger in Toronto. Don’t forget to make a wish!