October 31, 2018

CORE Architects New Office Construction

The construction of our new offices at 130 Queens Quay East is progressing quickly with the plumbing, electrical, HVAC, framing, and drywall nearly complete. The mechanical and electrical as well as the concrete structure of the seventh floor’s natural structure will be exposed in the floor’s final design and will enhance the building’s industrial aesthetic, which will also include the exposed concrete and open ceiling system.

The design includes an open creative environment for the architectural staff fused with raw materials and natural lighting. The sophisticated and warm materials in the work environments contain natural wood décor and metallic accents, punctuated by more playful elements such as the boldly coloured partitions separating the various work areas or the bean bag chairs in the kitchen lounge.

In contrast, the bold client spaces are distinguished by dark tile and metal finishes. The black elevators and fixtures will be surrounded by black porcelain that wraps the floor and the walls, which are lit from the top. The monochromatic design and wall washing will create a dramatic entranceway, a design aesthetic that will be echoed throughout the other client areas such as reception and the guest lounge.

The two large board rooms were designed as both a space for client meetings and a place for gatherings. The two sliding doors connecting the boardrooms allow for a flexible use of the space. When opened, they create one large boardroom in order to accommodate the large staff parties and are next to a separate kitchen and espresso bar for clients. The suspended light fixtures and dark walnut acoustic panelling on the roof and walls will add warmth to the underlying warehouse aesthetic and will be complemented by a large Roma Imperial granite table at the center of each boardroom.

Overall, the use of glass walls and open concept design will create a transparent and connected culture, illuminated by natural light through the floor-to-ceiling windows. The new space was designed to reflect CORE Architects’ personality, while also showcasing our creativity and work culture.