CORE Office Move

The move to our new offices is finally complete and we are now settling into our new 15,000 sq.ft space at 130 Queens Quay East. The Daniels Corporation which developed the property is putting the final touches on the building and the interior fit-out of the ground floor retail tenants is well underway.

An entire weekend was needed along with 500 moving bins, 7 movers, 150 dollies and 1500 moving labels to complete the move. Our IT team after weeks of careful planning, preparation and deployment issues finally brought our servers online Saturday. Mission-critical equipment including our Jura Professional Coffee Machines (which dispensed over 28,000 cups of coffee in the past year) was quickly made operational. Our entire team arrived on Sunday to begin the process of unpacking and getting ready for the upcoming work week in an effort to facilitate a seamless transition to the new space to minimize any disruption to workflow and client deadlines.

While the open concept design is similar to our previous location, the unobstructed views and natural light are an enormous improvement over our Adelaide street offices which over the years became a bit dark and gloomy as the office was slowly surrounded by condominiums and office towers. The additional light has resulted in the appearance of far more plants on staff desks than in the previous office. The beech finished workstations from 20 years ago have been replaced with clean white laminate designs from Global Furniture Group. A large staff lounge which features bar top seating with views of the lake and city skyline, soft L shaped sofas, an oversized communal table and six microwave ovens are also a welcome improvement, putting an end to the lunchtime lines of staff waiting to warm their food.

When we first moved into our Adelaide and Peter Street offices 20 years ago there were only nine of us.  The neighbourhood was dominated by warehouse buildings, fur shops and an alternative arts community. As the firm grew to over 100, the neighbourhood also evolved and slowly gentrified becoming home to thousands of millennials who abandoned the suburbs, eventually becoming the Entertainment District and home to TIFF.

Our new neighbourhood at Queens Quay is experiencing a similar transformation as the land is repurposed and giving birth to robust mixed-use communities. We believe that this neighbourhood will become as vibrant and sophisticated as the one we left behind. We are excited about this next chapter in the evolution of CORE and we look forward to the next 20 years.