May 9, 2016

Lacoste Retail Roll-Out

Lacoste Retail Roll-Out at Sherway Gardens

A new Lacoste retail roll-out upscale opened its doors this month in the recently renovated Sherway Gardens Mall. As the architect of record, we worked with the local brand designer to create a unique retail space that combines clean lines with industrial-type accents for Lacoste’s retail roll-out. The use of metal fixtures and faux “concrete” panels contrasts well against a neutral background. CORE’s ability to bring the concept to life can be attributed to appropriate space planning, accuracy in detailing, and a “hands-on” approach to on-site coordination.

The major challenges on this project included a uniquely shaped space with an expansive storefront in addition to soaring ceiling heights. In contrast to Lacoste’s desire to maintain a simplistic storefront reflecting their current brand, the landlord encouraged the retailer to take advantage of the available height to create a dynamic storefront that integrated well with the other upscale brands in the mall. CORE worked with Lacoste to resolve the issue by creating a subtle but unique façade that incorporated their icon the crocodile. With the use of contrasting high gloss paint on a laser-cut decal, the storefront was transformed into a unique rendition of its typical brand.

All of these factors combined make this store an exciting retail space that appeals to Lacoste customers worldwide. CORE’s communication on the project assisted in rapidly solving issues between all parties involved and proved to be an asset to the client.