December 18, 2023

New Associate Appointments

In recognition of their exceptional contribution to our client’s needs, their professionalism, design expertise and leadership while advancing the firm’s values we are pleased to announce the following new Senior Associate and Associate appointments.

Saina Hamidi

Saina Hamidi, M.Arch., OAA – Senior Associate

Saina completed a Masters Degree in Architecture in 2005 from Azad University of Iran (AUI). Before joining CORE, she had extensive experience with various architectural classes internationally, including medical, industrial and hospitality.

In 2013, Saina moved to Canada and started working with CORE. Her current role is focused primarily on our condominium projects, including 6th and Tenth in Calgary, The Residences of 488 University, 180 Steeles, M City Phase 4, Block 4 and The Pacific.

Kevin Saunders – Senior Associate

Kevin Saunders attended Sheridan College for Architectural Technology. After graduating in 2012, he joined a firm that specialized in retail design and working drawings; where he worked on over 100+ Tim Hortons in addition to developing and maintaining Tim Horton’s generic model drawing sets. He also worked on other retail and service projects including Whitespot, Wendy’s, Food Basics, Metro, and Wine Rack, in addition to preparing ID design proposals for A&W/Petro Canada, Winners/Homesense on Bloor St, and the York Lanes (York University mall) renovation.

Kevin joined CORE in 2014 and is involved in numerous condominium projects including Allenbury, The Harlowe, DuEast, The One and most recently on Crosstown Blocks 1 and 12. Kevin is directly involved in managing projects from the onset through all phases, he is the point of contact for client support and correspondence, consultant and trade coordination, including correspondence with Building and Planning City staff.

Mohsen Tolousharifi

Mohsen Tolousharifi, M.Arch. – Associate (Director of Visualization Studio)

Mohsen completed a master’s Degree in Architecture in 2011 from the Art University of Isfahan in Iran. He moved to Canada in 2016 and joined CORE the same year. He has over twenty years of international experience in the architecture industry.

Through the creation of three-dimensional models and visualizations, Mohsen’s team contributes to the visual representation of our architectural designs, helping stakeholders better understand and engage with proposed projects. Their work enhances the communication of design concepts and facilitates decision-making throughout the architectural design process.