Adidas Canada

3,000 – 35,000 sq. ft.

CORE has been selected to work exclusively on all of the renovations and newly-built Adidas stores in Canada, ranging from approximately 3,000 sq. ft. to 35,000 sq. ft.


The Adidas stores follows the global agency’s guidelines as well as the city’s influence of style and culture. CORE’s retail team is tasked to ensure each new store location meets the required guidelines, is uniquely designed to be authentic to its location and at the same time meets the local jurisdictions codes and regulations.

This has resulted in lot of detailed attention and coordination with the client and consultants. CORE relied on constant communication to keep all interests aligned to deliver the best resolution while respecting the brand’s schedule and needs.


As time constraints often are factors in project success, CORE was tasked to meet the set grand opening date for the Flagship store.

With the importance of the Flagship store’s design, the time sensitivity was challenged with the custom design concept simultaneously being developed not only during the design development phase but during the construction phase as well.

Sourcing also provided some challenges as the Brand’s millwork concepts were originally foreign prototypes and needed to be replicated locally to cut down on lead times and costs.

Without compromising on quality, CORE had to work diligently on keeping the communication flow with all parties and organizing the parts and pieces to execute the final store concept successfully.


  • Prepare project schedule
  • Visit site and take site photos
  • Landlord communication
  • Review Schematic Design for code and zoning compliance
  • Prepare a Design Development package
  • Act as prime consultant to engineering consultants
  • Issue tender package to the contractor
  • Vendor coordination
  • Stamp drawing package as Architect of Record
  • Obtain building permit
  • Perform contract administration
  • Perform payment certification
  • Conduct periodic site visits for compliance/deficiencies
  • Ordering FF&E package
  • Bilingual Services
“Adidas is uniquely designed to be
authentic to its location”

Adidas Eaton Centre

Toronto, ON

Adidas Outdoor/Terrex Kitsilano

Vancouver, BC

Adidas Queen St.

Toronto, ON

Adidas Sherway Gardens

Toronto, ON

“CORE was tasked to meet the set grand
opening date for the Flagship store.”