Cineplex Rec Room

255 Bremner Boulevard, Toronto, ON, Canada

Cineplex’s The Rec Room creates a dynamic social experience by providing dining, gaming, and live entertainment all in one place. As Canada’s premier Eats & Entertainment destination, The Rec Room features multiple dining areas and entertainment activities, including a wide selection of games and an auditorium space for live performances.

Service was provided at all stages of projects

CORE Architects began working on The Rec Room projects from their inception in 2015 and has currently completed three projects nationally. On The Rec Room projects, service was provided at all stages of projects, including concept design, approvals, and construction contract administration. CORE also works with the local authorities, development landlords, and in conjunction with the engineers on behalf of the client.

Unique designs

The challenge is to create unique designs that reflect each site. CORE Architects work closely with The Rec Room team to incorporate brand standards and a constantly evolving program of specialty games, events, and food menus for the new facilities.

CORE works within local jurisdiction

CORE works within local jurisdiction parameters to develop working drawing sets within stringent timelines and overcomes challenges created by city regulations and landlord requirements.

Photography by Cineplex Entertainment LP

Consultant Team

Interior Design: Mackay Wong