Dubai Square

Dubai Square is part of a thirty-one million square foot development located on Al Qudra road in New Dubai. The overall development is to be phased in over twelve years.

The development has been divided into districts offering townhouses, apartments, parks, retail, various outdoor amenities, community clubs, schools and mosques

Two block towers on each plot

Two block towers on each plot, south towers to nine storeys and north towers to thirteen stories. Each plot has both towers surrounding an exterior amenity area, complete with pool, parking at P-1, ground and level two, with the commercial component partially at ground and level two. The podium is continuous over all three blocks.

Retail development

The retail developments on plots 11, 12 and 13 are to be part of an initial first phase. These plots border an open park space “town square” designed by Martha Schwartz. The development consists of “high-quality” retail space along the entire south frontage, facing the park, and convenience retail along the north side. Retail units have been designed as glazed “jewelry box” type storefronts to allow for dramatic merchandising possibilities. The retail strategy consists of shading devices including horizontal screens and cantilevered projections to provide shading during the hot summers.