M Condos

Sandalwood Parkway West & Veterans Drive, Brampton, ON, Canada

Developer: Primont Homes
Units: 8
Storeys: 75
GFA: 73,979
Completion Date: 2022

“Blocks of long regular balconies on the north and south”

M Condos is located at the corner of Sandalwood Parkway West and Veterans Drive in Brampton, Ontario. The building is primarily clad with a combination of white solid panels and clear glazing, and wrapped with a chain of dark metal frames creating pockets of private, semi enclosed outdoor spaces. 

Pockets of Spaces

Blocks of long regular balconies on the north and south sides contrast the dynamic form of the dark metal frames. The ground floor is clad with a combination of dark stone and large sections of clear glazing. A generous lobby with indoor and outdoor amenity spaces facing the intersection of Veterans and Sandalwood.

Residential Feeling

Amenity includes fitness room, a lounge and dining area. Grade related units with raised terraces front the remainder of Sandalwood and lend a small-scale residential feeling to the streetscape. 

“Heavily landscaped northwest portion of site with low stone walls”

Clad in the same material as the ground floor. Sheltered entrance area overlooking future urban square on the other side of Veterans. Large units with views focused towards the Natural Heritage System, future urban square and sports park.

Consultant Team

Structural: Jablonsky, Ast and Partners

Mechanical: Trace Engineering
Electrical: Trace Engineering

Interior Design: Mike Niven Interior Design
Landscape: Landscape Planning