Margo Condos

1735 Bur Oak Avenue, Markham

Developer: Aspen Ridge Homes
Units: 242
Storeys: 22
GFA: 189,863 sq.ft
Completion Date: TBD

This twenty storey condominium features 243 residential units with daring cube-like balconies in the sky

Architectural distinctive

Margo Condos is located at 1735 Bur Oak at the southwest corner of Bur Oak Avenue and Markham Road and is the final phase of the development site that extends to Edward Jeffreys Avenue. This twenty storey condominium features 243 residential units with daring cube-like balconies in the sky, an animate grill pattern of white metal panels at mid-level and glassy open lower level are not only architectural distinctive but also a well-considered contextual response to a complex array of existing buildings.

Slender profile

This project adeptly negotiates the intersection of two highly differentiated streets. The broad face of the landmark tower aligns with existing high-rise buildings on Markham Road. At grade, there is an extensive glass frontage that is consistent with the predominance of retail storefronts that line this major arterial road. In contrast, along Bur Oak Avenue the tower’s visage is a slender profile while grade related townhouses make an appropriate transition to the predominantly low-rise residential context of the existing streetscape.

Pleasant environment

Uses are thoughtfully distributed at the base of the building and carefully integrated with a generous landscape plan. The main feature of this plan is a boulevard of trees along Markham Road, buffering pedestrians from traffic and culminating in a dramatic plaza at the corner where the entrance and lobby for the residential tower are located. Outdoor and indoor amenities activate this streetscape. Essential services and on-grade parking are tucked away but still conveniently located. Ground floor loading and garbage access are accessed from the centre of the parcel of land. Short-term and accessible parking is under the building in a convenient but non-obtrusive location. Above the street level and landscape amenities, there is a belvedere featuring patios and an outdoor barbeque area open to all residents. The 7th-floor vantage point of this amenity provides for distant views of the area and a pleasant environment free from the impact of vehicular traffic and open to air and sunlight.



Consultant Team

Structural: Jablonsky, Ast & Partners
Mechanical & Electrical: M.V. Shore Associates
Interior Design: Sabrina Albanese Interiors 
Landscape: The MBTW Group