Oakdale Golf & Country Club Cabana

2388 Jane Street, Toronto, ON, Canada

The design of the outdoor pool, cabana and amenities provided a welcomed seasonal retreat for members of Oakdale. This area with its private access will provide the perfect place to spend the day with family or relaxing after a demanding 18 holes.

Outdoor pool, cabana and amenities

The most significant addition is the 3,400 sq.ft. cabana featuring a modern, wooden canopy to accompany the new 25-metre outdoor pool. The cabana with its Ipe wood finish and floating ceiling is a sleek minimalist design reminiscent of a European spa. The free-floating roof presented unique design considerations as all mechanical systems had to be engineered from the ground up to accommodate the design requirements of the roof. The cabana features locker rooms, a lifeguard station, a first-aid station, and seasonal equipment storage.

Additional amenities

A whirlpool and a separate children’s splash area are also incorporated into the design along with areas to suntan. The entire amenity space is enclosed by landscaped grounds that provide a cooling respite from the summer sun.

“Over the past six years, CORE has been my architectural firm of choice. Indeed, from small projects to major renovations they approach their task with professionalism and rigour. I have found that I can depend on their advice and know that they will not be satisfied with a design solution until their client is. They know people and in my environment that’s critical! They develop a good product and then communicate effectively to make it happen.”

Herb Pirk, General Manager
Oakdale Golf & Country Club

Consultant Team

Structural: Hallcrow Yolles
Mechanical: MCW Consultants Ltd.
Electrical: MCW Consultants Ltd.
Landscape: Envision, the Hough Group