Oakdale Golf & Country Club

2388 Jane Street, Toronto, ON, Canada

Successfully phased several renovations

Integrating a new design into an existing clubhouse can be challenging due to the op­erational conditions of the building. In many cases, the clubhouse must remain open for its members during renovations. At Oakdale Golf & Country Club we have successfully phased several renovations over a number of years ensuring that the club continued to operate with little inconvenience to the members.

Planned in four phases

The most recent project was planned in four phases beginning with the complete redesign of the pool area and cabana, followed by the renovation and extension of the women’s locker room. Phase Three and Four of the project include a redesign to the club’s main entrance and the addition of a new coffee shop. CORE knows that plans for renovation will often be executed over several years due to budgetary constraints. 

Fresh contemporary design

We work hard to present realistic designs that the stakeholders will support and that will also fit within the club’s annual budget for renovations and repairs. Women’s golf is one of the fastest-growing sports in North America and the Oakdale Golf and Country Club felt it was necessary to not only add additional facilities to their Women’s Locker Room but to provide a fresh contemporary design to entice new members and provide existing members with a new home that is both functional and elegant.

“It is rare and indeed it may have never happened before, that a multi-faceted, multi-million dollar project serving a group of over 1200 owners and their children and guests can garner universal approval and acclaim. CORE did it!”

Herb Pirk, General Manager
Oakdale Golf & Country Club
Consultant Team

Structural: Hallcrow Yolles
Mechanical: MCW Consultants Ltd.
Electrical: MCW Consultants Ltd.
Envision, the Hough Group