After the successful delivery of numerous projects associated with LBrands, CORE’s retail team led by Partner Gabriela Estrada has had the opportunity to expand its architectural services with PINK.

Flagship Store

PINK started off as a side-by-side store with Victoria’s Secret but in the past decade, the brand has taken off and is now successfully maintaining its own standalone stores. CORE has had the opportunity to work on their flagship store in a high-profile area in the Toronto downtown core and further expanded their relationship to working with additional stores in the USA. The playful, youthful vibe styled with an old-school college campus atmosphere filled with polka dots, dog emblems, and varsity letters has become the brand’s design staple. CORE ensures that the emerging brand’s design aesthetics are executed for every store and that it not only meets Canadian codes but also USA local state codes as well.


Working on the first store as a flagship store under time restraints was a huge task in itself. The store underwent a major store redesign during the design drawing phase in a short amount of time. The Brand relied on CORE to provide professional advice and expertise on timelines with permit submissions and LL approval in order to push the project through and to keep the project on track despite the store redesign setback. CORE has also been working on stores across the USA and tasked with the challenge of implementing code and permit considerations based on city jurisdictions while still maintaining the project schedule.


  • Visit the site and take site photos
  • Landlord communication
  • Review Schematic Design for code and zoning compliance
  • Prepare a Design Development package
  • Act as the prime consultant to engineering consultants
  • Issue tender package to the client
  • Vendor coordination when required
  • Stamp drawing package as Architect of Record
  • Obtain a building permit
  • Perform contract administration
  • Conduct a site visit for compliance/deficiencies

CORE has completed an additional nine projects for Pink across Canada and the USA