Void Showroom

334 King Street East, Toronto, ON, Canada

Improve circulation throughout the showroom

Void Interior Furnishings opened its doors to the public in 1999. CORE Architects were brought on board to improve circulation throughout the showroom.

One vantage point

The showroom suffered from being comprised of three main rooms and a mezzanine with no relation to each other. As part of the circulation improvements, CORE’s retail team led by Partner Gabriela Estrada relocated access from the upper mezzanine to the front of the store with a new walnut stair to give customers a visual cue into three areas of the showroom from one vantage point.

New staircase

To match the finish of the new staircase, a walnut laminated floor replaced the painted concrete floor. New handrails of clear and etched glass with stainless were added.