December 13, 2013

SONY Kansas Retail Rollout

CORE is the Canadian Architect of Record for SONY’s global rebranding. Working with SONY Canada, SONY International, and the SONY’s international designer, CORE is producing construction documentation to express the new branded environment within the Canadian context. CORE is also exploring alternative materials and suppliers to provide SONY with the aesthetic and quality expected in the new store presentation. With CORE’s success with the new SONY branded environment, CORE has been invited to provide services for several “shop-in-shop” environments in several U.S. states. The original design concept was a flagship store that exceeded a typical store’s budget. CORE was tasked with the challenge of taking this design concept and meet the expected new budget restraints by the client. We heavily researched equivalent and local materials as well as value engineering and construction practices to reduce the original budget by a fraction of the price while still maintaining the integrity of the original design concept.

Image Credit Sony Corporation