May 6, 2014

The Ninety ULI 2014 Finalist

The Ninety is an Urban Land Institute (ULI) 2014 finalist with the official press release from ULI stating, “On behalf of the Urban Land Institute, and the 2014 ULI Global Awards for Excellence jury, it is my pleasure to let you know that your entry, The Ninety, was selected as one of the finalists from among a broad mix of exemplary projects across the world. This year you are part of a group of selected North American finalists that the ULI is notifying in advance of making a full global selection. Advisory juries for different international regions are still conducting due diligence evaluating the pre-selected finalists. In your case, as a confirmed finalist we wanted to give the jurors an opportunity to start scheduling their site visits. Under these circumstances, we cannot share yet the name of the other finalists, projected to be a total of 25.”

The combination of the original architectural form of the 1900s with modern elements such as glass, concrete, and steel, The Ninety refines classic loft living in Queen East. This fusion has resulted in a stunning nine-storey residence that enjoys a large outdoor courtyard at its core that brings a green experience to everyday life. Large expanses of glass allow natural light to fill the interiors, while the exposed concrete walls emphasize the warehouse loft experience. The units contain European kitchens and premium hardwood floors, creating a stylish, cultured setting that feels like home. This project has incorporated an existing office building that was originally a 1930’s Coca-Cola bottling plant. So rather than reading it as one building, the design translates as a playful collage of multiple structures. The lobby, with its sleek and stunning all-black scheme, features strong textural contrasts using high gloss marble walls and a herringbone-laid porcelain tile floor combined with some gold and metallic detailing. Simple, modern furnishing completes the high-style but welcoming interior. The project occupies a 49,000 square foot lot located at 90 Broadview Ave.

  • Incorporation of an existing fully occupied office building that was originally a 1930’s Coca-Cola bottling plant.
  • Excellent incorporation into the surrounding urban fabric
  • Stunning design that combines traditional and modern architecture
  • large indoor and outdoor contiguous amenity space. 1,791 sq.ft. interior amenity and 3,523 sq.ft. exterior amenity.
  • Fantastic interior design of the lobby and amenity space by IIBYIV Design.