Sustainable & Passive House Design

At CORE, we are committed to incorporating environmental sustainability into planning, building design and construction. Our commitment is more than words. Our process includes goals to minimize resource consumption, optimize building performance, and promote the health of building occupants and users. We have the expertise to know what is feasible and how to achieve the greatest impact.

Six50 King

Sustainable design is a highly marketable advantage

As responsible professionals, we consider our projects more than discreet objects. In our downtown projects, we advocate appropriate densities that make the best use of the site, support mass transit options and provide healthy living environments for people. We practice sustainable design not just in terms of its environmental benefits, which are significant, but also because sustainable design is a highly marketable advantage for our clients.

585 King East

Sustainable & LEED® Design

These targets include design, construction and demolition requirements and focus on healthier environments and air quality. Energy and water conservation are also included in leasing obligations. For developers, sustainability challenges how the environments are designed, how we light power them, how we modify the physical environment with heat and air-conditioning, and what materials we use. The design of furniture and fittings, which take less room to transport and less power to install, also impacts sustainable opportunities.

We also incorporate sustainable practices into our designs to minimize the environmental impact of our buildings through material choices, energy efficiencies, and LEED® design.   

Central Condos – Ottawa

Our LEED-CI AP-certified designers lead these efforts

Flexibility is a critical concern, extending the project’s life with finishes and materials that are enduring yet environmentally sound.

Our LEED-CI AP-certified designers lead these efforts, identifying options and alternatives for clients to achieve environmental and sustainable challenges and goals. Several clients have issued guidelines for retail environment design to achieve a more environmentally friendly result. We have worked with these clients to fulfill those requirements while maintaining cost and speed of delivery.

Five Hundred Wellington

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LEED and Passive House projects

One Park West, Central 1 & 2 and 585 King East (Gold),
Six50 King (Silver),
Five Hundred Wellington, Fashion House, M5V (Certified)
and UTSC Passive House